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TS001 (Android Devices)

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Experience unparalleled clarity from near to far with the TS001, a long-focus Android thermal imager designed to capture sharp images, even for objects as close as PCB boards.
With a high-resolution 256x192 pixels infrared sensor and a smooth 25Hz frame rate, every detail is captured with precision. The TS001’s adjustable 9mm lens covers distances from 0.32 to 1640 feet (0.1~500m), catering to various applications including building inspections, animal observation, auto repair, and PCB inspection. Equipped with measurement and observation modes, it provides accurate temperature readings and intuitive insights into heat distribution. Perfect for professionals such as home inspectors, automotive technicians, and electricians, the TS001 empowers you to detect, diagnose, and resolve issues with unparalleled clarity and efficiency.


Adjustable Lenses: Clear Vision from Near to Far

  • The TS001 boasts adjustable 9mm lenses, accommodating infrared imaging needs from 0.32 to 1640 feet (0.1~500m) to ensure clarity whether viewing objects up close or at a distance.

Where Clarity Takes Center Stage

  • See the infrared world in stunning clarity with our 256x192 IR Resolution TS001 imager, capturing crisp images with every detail. Enjoy fluid visuals with a 25Hz infrared refresh rate for smooth and seamless viewing.

Precision Pathfinders of Heat and Cold

  • The TS001 achieves readings with an incredible accuracy of 0.1 degrees and an error margin of less than 3%. It’s the epitome of reliability. From frosty lows of -20°C to scorching highs of 550°C (-4°F to 1022°F), it covers the temperature spectrum effortlessly.

Fast Vision, Faster Action

  • In the world of thermal imaging, TS001’s observation mode is your adept ally, swiftly
    capturing targets. Through these modes, TS001 rapidly identifies points of interest and uncovers anomalies within the observed area. Its dynamic recognition tracks moving objects while the high/low-temperature mode intelligently flags extreme temperature sources.

Swipe to Highlight Temperature Variance

  • With just a swipe, you can tailor your thermal view to focus only on what matters most to you. The intuitive color bar lets you easily set the temperature range you want to spotlight. Plus, when things heat up beyond your chosen range, you'll see it pop in bold black and white, or any other colors you choose, making temperature differences immediately crystal clear.

Boundless Vision, Always Clear

  • From up close to far away, indoors to outdoors, the TS001 Thermal Imaging Camera delivers unmatched clarity. Whether you're inspecting PCB boards in the lab, monitoring boilers from a distance, conducting HVAC checks indoors, or outdoor cable inspection, TS001 has got you covered.

Built for Android & Windows

  • Compatible with Android phones and tablets, and Windows laptops. Included 50cm extension cable offers more flexibility in temperature reading.


            • Resolution: 256 x 192 Pixels
            • NETD: <40mK
            • Focal Length: 9mm
            • Frame Rate: 25Hz
            • Operating Systems: Compatible with Android phones, Android tablets, & Windows laptops.
            • Object Temperature Range: -20°C~550°C (-4°F~1022°F)
            • Temperature Accuracy: ±3ºC or ±3%
            • Temperature Resolution: 0.1ºC
            • Weigh:t 45g
            • Dimension: 2.76” x 1.1” x 1.73” (70 x 28 x 44mm)
            • Extension Cable Length: 50cm

            PACKING LIST

            • TS001
            • USB Data Cable
            • Lens Cap
            • Thermal Camera Holder
            • Cleaning Cloth
            • Quick User Guide
            • Carrying Case
            • Package Box