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January 28, 2022 1 min read

TOPDON USA® aims to make scan tools for everyone who needs to resolve OBD issues, whether they are professional technicians, shop owners, weekend warriors, or everyday car owners. When studying the market, TOPDON saw there was a lack of scan tools that offered more advanced functions with a lower barrier to entry. Something that would be accessible to all technicians or auto shops with smaller budgets. TOPDON’s solution, was the ArtiDiag800 BT. 


The ArtiDiag800 BT provides advanced capabilities at a very affordable price. Boasting Full System Diagnostics on 54 vehicle makes, live data graphing, and a Bluetooth VCI. The smooth interface even helps shops offer high turnaround time so they can generate the maximum amount of revenue in as little time as possible The 800BT offers excellent value intentionally because this tool was designed to be a steal for end users.


“We designed this tool with tradesmen in mind. It was a challenge to find the perfect balance between affordability and functionality, but our engineers nailed it. Our 800 BT acts as a steppingstone for new businesses and new technicians, letting users offer professional services with a very manageable price tag.” says Chad Schnitz TOPDON USA Vice President.  

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