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December 10, 2021 1 min read

 Diagnostic Tools Provider Contributes 40 of ArtiLink 200 Tools and Thermal Camera to Support Car Show 

TOPDON USA contributed 40 units of its ArtiLink200 to support the "Smokin Rides & Rods" Car Show, an event organized by the Bainbridge Community Volunteer Fire Department. The diagnostic tools provider also donated an Infrared Thermographic Camera ITC629 for the department to keep. The car show happened on September 11th in Indiana, the state  home to  TOPDON's first office in the United States. 

"We understand the importance of contributing to our local community. TOPDON not only aims to positively impact the lives of our customers with high-quality products but we also aim to support the residents in our communities", explains Chad Schnitz, the company's Vice President.  

The 40 units of the ArtiLink200 were given away as door prizes at the event. This intuitive tool consists of an OBDII code reader that provides critical information about a car's computer systems. Ideal for the DIY repair community, the ArtiLink200 allows its users to view the vehicle information, read and clear fault codes and freeze frames. 

The ITC629, on the other hand, is an infrared thermographic camera that provides a 3.2" full angle view on a TFT display and quickly diagnoses temperature-related issues. This device shows hotspots and cold spots, monitoring the engine's internal combustion, heated seats, brake performance, heated glass diagnosis, tire performance, and much more. 

If you are an interested dealer, contact sales@topdon.us.

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