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December 10, 2021 1 min read

Phoenix Plus

The Phoenix Plus Scanner has Advanced Features for Automotive Technicians, Including Topological graphing. 

When TOPDON USA, an automotive diagnostics company, anticipated a growing need for advanced-level diagnostics, they released the Phoenix Plus to provide more technicians with the tools they would need to diagnose and fix automobile computer problems. 

As manufacturers add more computers into their newer models, these diagnostic capabilities are becoming more of a necessity to automotive shops today. 

TOPDON designed the Phoenix Plus for automotive technicians from the inside out. The metal alloy and rubber case protect the advanced software from the rough conditions of working in an auto shop.

Advanced features include OE level coverage, bi-directional diagnostics to perform AutoScans, ADAS calibrations, and 28 service reset functions. It was meant to compete on the market, designed to be the best device in its class, boasting advanced features and a competitive price point. The most notable innovation of the Phoenix Plus is its Topological graphing capabilities to give visual imaging of automotive systems to diagnose issues adequately. 

 "The Phoenix Plus offers amazing core features and we have them priced and inventoried to sell. Dealers adding these units to their catalogs will be adding some really signature products to their lines," says Chad Schnitz, Vice President, TOPDON USA 

If you are a dealer and want to know more about TOPDON’s Phoenix Plus, contact sales@topdon.us . 

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