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December 10, 2021 1 min read

Automotive Tech Company Announces Its First Stable Power Supply and Smart Battery Charger 

TOPDON announces their newest battery maintenance tool, the TORNADO 90000. This is a professional-grade smart charging tool suitable for all types of 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries, with a wide capacity range that goes from 5 to 90 amps. 

The company is especially proud of the fact that this is the first stable-power supply tool among their Tornado line, capable of powering a wide array of in-car appliances without voltage fluctuations. It comes with 6 charging modes, two adjustable charging currents, and even supports ECU programming. The Tornado 90000 keeps its users safe, providing built-in protection against reverse polarities, reverse charges, short circuits, overheating, and over-voltages. 

“We’re really proud of the TORNADO 90000. Our goal was to create a battery repair tool that does more. We took the best features of our Tornado series, then we added more power and capabilities. This way, auto shops can do even more without having to turn down a job or outsource,” says Chad Schnitz, TOPDON USA Vice President.  

*Product Available for Purchase in January 2022.

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