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December 10, 2021 1 min read

Company Releases High Power Battery Jump Tool 

TOPDON has upgraded their Volcano Series of Jumpstarting tools with the new JumpSurge series. The JumpSurge battery tool currently comes in three versions: the JumpSurge 1200 (1200 mAh), The JumpSurge 2000 (2000 mAh), and the JumpSurge 3000 (3000 mAh). Like its predecessor, the JumpSurge 3000 is packed with safety features, water-resistant, and housed in a rugged exterior to protect it from falling. However, the JumpSurge 3000 comes with some exciting new upgrades. 

The JumpSurge is capable of up to 45 jumps with a full charge. The battery will hold 80% of its charge for up to 8 months without use. And for tough battery jumps, the JumpSurge includes a boost function to ensure that its charge will get through if the battery has been left without a jump for a longer period of time. 

"Nothing stops the JumpSurge 3000. Our design team wanted to give our customers more, and they achieved. With the JumpSurge 3000, users get maximum power, versatility, and safety, all in one device. Users can jumpstart their car without a second vehicle, power without a wall outlet, and light in the dark. Its large battery capacity and boost function are ideal for towing businesses and auto shops as well as commuters,” says Chad Schnitz, TOPDON USA's Vice President.    

Interested dealers can contact sales@topdon.us for more information.    

*Product Available for Purchase in 2022.

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