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December 10, 2021 1 min read

Automotive Diagnostic Firm Announces New Advanced Battery Tester 

The BT600 is TOPDON’s newest advanced battery tester for vehicles with 12V and 24V batteries. This multifunctional tool can measure the actual cold start current capacity of the car’s battery, its state of health and quickly analyze the starter and charging systems.​ It can also run cranking tests and charging tests to measure the cranking voltage, and voltage output. 

The BT 600’s 24V testing capabilities allow users to test significantly larger vehicles and heavier trucks. It also includes many extra features to add the most value and functionalities to the device, such as its 3.5” color screen for clarity, the reinforced, smoke-free, spark-free clamps, and a built-in thermal printer for on-the-spot test results.  

“When creating the BT600, our goal was simple: to give our users more. With  this tool, technicians can work on larger vehicles, run more in-depth tests, and immediately produce test results on paper from anywhere. It is an exciting addition to our battery testing series.”  says Charles Pilcher, TOPDON USA Director of Sales. 

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