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December 10, 2021 2 min read

Multi-functional Tool Offers a Jump-pack and Tester in One Portable Unit; Competitive Pricing and Features Distinguishes Device From Competitors 

The Volcano2000 ProS has been getting a lot of attention in the market. This device offers the ultimate solution for battery jump-starting and testing in one single product. Its competitive price (MSRP $199) and impressive features make this a must-have tool for shop owners and independent automotive technicians.  

"This thing does it all. From wirelessly charging your device to testing batteries. And all at the same price as our standard Volcano2000, which is only a jumper device”, says Charles Pilcher, Director of Sales, TOPDON USA. 

The Volcano 2000 ProS is currently the only tool TOPDON has a patent on. It consists of a 2000A peak current lithium polymer battery charger and tester for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and more. It supports 12V batteries on gas (up to 10L) and diesel (up to 8L) 

The multi-functional Volcano 2000 ProS is more than a simple jump-starter. It’s able to both test and jump 12V automotive batteries from one unit. Its rugged, shock-proof, and water-resistant enclosure make it a robust and heavy-duty tool, great for any unexpected situation. 

The Volcano2000 ProS features smart clamps, which provide the safety any shop owner needs in a product. They instantly show the connection status, battery voltage, and alternator status to reduce human errors. These clamps are designed with safety in mind by lowering the risk of accidentally damaging batteries from improper connections.  

The Volcano 2000, in comparison, is an affordable similar tool, but it does not come with this technology. The Volcano 2000 Pro, on the other hand, includes smart clamps, although it cannot test batteries. Only the Volcano 2000 Pro S is capable of both jump-starting and testing. 

The power bank function fully charges any mobile device in less than an hour, much faster than any standard charger. The Volcano2000 ProS is versatile, being able to jump-start a vehicle, wirelessly charge a smartphone, or test a battery. 

If you are a dealer and want to know more about TOPDON’s Volcano 2000 ProS, contact sales@topdon.us. 

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