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December 10, 2021 1 min read

Phoenix Line 

Company Releases New Battery Tools and Diagnostic Tools For Technicians and DIYers  

TOPDON USA® plans on launching a wide array of top-of-the-line products in 2022, meeting the demand of professional technicians and the DIY community. The list includes battery testing tools, OBDII code readers, as well as mid-level and highly advanced diagnostic scanners.  

TOPDON announces the BT600 as its newest battery tester, two improved battery chargers (Tornado 8000 and 30000) as well as a battery maintenance tool that also works as a stable power supply (Tornado 90000). For the DIY community, the company will introduce a new OBDII code reader, the ArtiLink 400.  

Mid-level professionals and more skilled DIYers will be pleased to hear that TOPDON’s newest ArtiDiags (500 S and 600 S) provide a complete analysis of the four main systems (Engine, Transmission, Airbag, and ABS) for 90 models.  The ArtiDiag 900, on the other hand, includes  full-system OBD and EOBD diagnosis ability.  

TOPDON’s new Phoenix Series for 2022 will include cutting-edge diagnostics, improved capabilities, and unmatched coverage with the latest protocols.  They are the Phoenix Elite, Smart, and Remote. These tools can perform Online Programming and Coding, ADAS Calibrations and Battery Testing, Access the FCA Secure Gateway, and many Advanced Functions.  

“These are only some of the improved and advanced products we plan on releasing in 2022. Our goal is to meet the automotive aftermarket’s demand for innovation and keep our users up to date through constant software upgrades and top-notch technical support”, explains Chad Schnitz, TOPDON USA Vice President.  


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