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December 10, 2021 1 min read

Automotive Tech Company Releases the Latest Software Upgrade for their Phoenix Diagnostic Scanners   

TOPDON® is expanding its software coverage including Tesla software in the latest upgrades for their Phoenix Series of diagnostics scanners. TOPDON will constantly update this new module to include the latest software options for US, Euro, and Asian vehicles.    

Other notable features include “Mall,” which works as an online store offering a variety of software to be purchased and downloaded on TOPDON’s diagnostic tools. The -new “Mall” feature is available with the update.   Through Phoenix’s “Mall,” customers will have the ability to work on even more cars and get the job done without outsourcing. 

“Software updates are an excellent way for TOPDON to add value to our products, and keep them relevant. Just this week our team released an optimized version for the Toyota software and upgraded our Phoenix Plus® and Phoenix Pro® software, fixing minor bugs and improving the tools’ performance. This shows our dedication to always offer the most complete and up-to-date database to our customers,” says Chad Schnitz, Vice President of TOPDON USA.  

To get more details about this upgrade, contact marketing@topdon.us

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