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May 13, 2024 2 min read

The right tool for the job makes all the difference in solving repair issues in a timely manner. That’s why TOPDON has engineered a complete line of PROsumer diagnostic tools to streamline vehicle information retrieval and get cars and trucks safely returned to the road.

The ArtiDiag and UltraDiag scanners are compact, easy-to-use, and affordable additions to any toolbox. They are available with several different levels of capability, and are an excellent choice for service writers, mobile repair services, beginning technicians, or hands-on do-it-yourselfers who want to be fully informed about their vehicle’s condition. The ArtiDiag series features OBDII code reading, hassle-free one-touch software updates, and multiple language options.

The ArtiDiag600 retails for less than $250, making it an ideal budget choice. It has a 5-inch TFT display, 4-system diagnosis, 8 maintenance services, and graphic live data. It works with 67+ car brands, includes AutoVIN technology, CAN-FD protocol support, and comes with lifetime free software updates.

The ArtiDiag800BT builds on those capabilities, with a 6-inch display, 28 maintenance service functions, vehicle coverage for 110+ car brands, all system diagnosis, Bluetooth wireless, and AutoVIN technology. Like the 600, the 800 comes with lifetime free software updates.

If bi-directional communication is a must-have feature, the ArtiDiag Pro will quickly become your go-to diagnostic scanner. Other upgrades include a 7-inch display, 31 maintenance services, coverage for 100+ car brands, and special function capability. The 6100mAh battery will deliver a bright screen for up to 14 hours. The ArtiDiag Pro includes 2 years of free software updates.

The ArtiDiag900BT likewise includes bi-directional control, along with coverage for  130+ car brands, 28 maintenance services, all system diagnosis, special function, 6300mAh battery, and online coding capability for VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat/Porsche/BMW/Mini. It comes with 2 years of free software updates.

To level-up to an advanced professional technician tool, the UltraDiag is ready and waiting. It has the largest display at 8 inches, and a powerful 10000mAh battery to power you throughout the day. It has full-system diagnostics for 70+ brands, bi-directional control, 13 reset functions, anti-theft software language support, and vehicle breakdown maintenance information. A key programming module can be added to unlock the full potential of this tool. The UltraDiag also includes 2 years of free software upgrades.

The budget-friendly ArtiDiag and UltraDiag diagnostic scanners offer flexibility and ease-of-use to accommodate all experience levels. The right tool for the job is right here. Which one will take your repair game to the next level?

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