The Volcano 1200 is a 1200 Peak Current jumpstarting tool that offers a simple and convenient solution to get your vehicle running again. This tool can jumpstart 12V batteries on cars, trucks, vans, ATVs, SUVs, mowers, yachts, motorcycles, snowmobiles, watercraft, and even boats. Providing up to 15 jumps on a single charge, this is the ideal on-the-go device to keep you prepared for the unexpected.


  • Serves as a Power Bank to Charge Your Phones, Tablets, and More
  • Offers USB charging at 5V/2.1A
  • Compact and Rugged IP65 Waterproof Housing for Even More Durability
  • Includes a LED Flashlight for Nightime Repairs or Emergencies
  • Provides 10 Built-in Protections Against: Short-Circuit, Reverse Polarity, Overheating, Overcharge, Over-current, Reverse Connection, Reverse Charge, Over-discharge, and Low Temperatures
  • Manufactured According to CE and EU regulations.